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Hydraulic Fracking in Northeast Pennsylvania/ Pike County

Introduction and Position Paper

Both documents were given to the Commissioners on May 16, 2012



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May 16, 2012 

Pike County Commissioners                                                                                                                          506 Broad Street                                                                                                                                 Milford, PA 18337

 Re: Hydraulic Fracking

 Dear Commissioners,

 I, John Crerand, am the current president of the Alliance of Community Associations, a group of 17 Homeowner Associations that are members of the Alliance within Pike County and a portion of southern Wayne County.

 On April 11, 2012, a motion was unanimously passed by a quorum of members present that I present the attached Position Paper pertaining to hydraulic fracking to the Commissioners of Pike County.

 If you have any questions concerning this Position Paper, please contact me by phone at 570-686-3166 or email aocanepa@ptd.net. Visit www.aoconepa.com for more details about the Alliance.


Respectfully Submitted, 


John J. Crerand                                                                                                                                 President, Alliance of Community Associations





          Hydraulic Fracking in Northeast Pennsylvania/ Pike County 


Sent to:  Federal/ US agencies/US Senators and US Representatives for PA

               State agencies/Governor/State Senators and Representatives

               Pike County supervisors  

We hereby resolve the Alliance of Community Associations is: 

        For creating new jobs, particularly good, well paying jobs that are permanent, not merely startup/short term or low pay positions.

        For promoting our regionís traditional industries such as real estate, agriculture, tourism, recreation, small business, and education.

        For using less foreign oil, more natural energy resources from the U.S.

        Against extracting natural gas using hydraulic fracturing unless it is at no cost to our region. Hydraulic fracturing on a trial and error approach can hurt the families of Northeast PA and put our property values, environment, traditional industries, and reputation as a great place to live at risk. 

We also strongly resolve that: 

        Processes and materials meet industry standards and are safe as per a reasonable personís definition BEFORE leases or processes are approved and BEFORE any wells are drilled.

        Our environment and ground water aquifers should remain ABSOLUTELY safe per reasonable definition and our local and regional infrastructure is protected. Federal and State land not be used for leases UNLESS approved through referendum by the stateís citizens.

        All chemicals used in the process must be fully DISCLOSED and shall not include hazardous, toxic or otherwise dangerous materials which may be harmful to the environment, animals and humans; that safety studies include pregnant women, children and the elderly.

        Water used for the fracking operation MUST NOT come from public sources unless approved through referendum at the County and/or Township level; that water usage not impact stream and river flows, particularly during low water periods; and that the gas drilling companies PAY for their water use at market rates.

        Spills are immediately cleaned up and results in the immediate cessation of ALL further fracking activities in the exposed area until the reason(s) for the spill are fully investigated and mitigated.  

        The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts MUST be complied with by fracking companies without exemptions.

        Taxes and other fees must be immediately implemented, with a portion going to the general treasury and a portion for the restitution to parties who are injured.

        Ongoing health studies be immediately initiated with the emphasis on pregnant women, children, older people, and fracking workers.

        County, state, and township roads when damaged by gas industry rigs, trucks, or other equipment are promptly reported, repaired and paid for by the gas industry or the individual road damaging companies. 


The Alliance of Community Associations is a five year old cooperative of 17 common interest communities in Pike and Wayne Counties. The AOCA represents approximately 20,000 voters. For more information visit our website at www.aocanepa.com