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 Alliance of Community Associations  ( AOCA)

Our  Mission Statement; The mission of this organization is to preserve the integrity, protect the authority and autonomy, advance the common interests, and secure the future of its member community associations. 

Our By-Laws for Membership;


SECTION 2.1 Privately Owned Planned Community Associations (POPCA) All POPCA, as referenced within the Planned Community Act 180, may request membership in the Alliance.  Each Community based Board of Directors may designate up to three representatives from their Community to attend scheduled Alliance meetings and represents that Community. (Each POPCA shall have up to three (3) votes.

SECTION 2.2 Types of membership in the Alliance: 1. A member of the Board of Directors;  2. Associate Director, up to #3 from each POPCA. #3. An Associate Member as approved by the Board of Directors

Active Membership, (Associate Directors) shall be assigned by each POPCA Board of Directors having one (1) vote as an Active Member at the Annual and Semi-Annual and all scheduled Special Meetings.

Associate Membership shall be offered to a member of a POPCA having served for one (1) year and have attended at least six (6) AOCA meetings during the previous year.  Associate Members shall not have a vote but may participate during scheduled meetings of the Alliance.  Associate member dues shall be fixed at $5.00 per year.

A Director, Associate Director, and an Associate Member who are a corporate entity must disclose this fact prior to holding any office or before being placed on a Committee or elected as a member of the Board of Directors. 

The Alliance Directors and its Associate Directors shall have the right to withhold membership in the Alliance from any person or persons without reason or cause after a simple majority vote to exclude them from being a member of the Alliance is cased.

Member Associations who contribute the $350.00 start up funding for the Alliance shall be recognized as Charter Member until a nine member Board of Directors is seated.  Charter Membership shall also be reflected on the Official Website of the Alliance as a permanent record.

SECTION 2.3 Membership Privileges Privileges of Membership in good standing shall include:

(a)       The right to attend all open meetings of the Alliance.

(b)      The right to request review, assistance and use of any resource approved by the Alliance for membership use.

(c)     The right to petition and vote on all matters requiring Full Membership vote.

SECTION 2.4 Obligations of Membership Members are obligated to:

(a)      Comply at all times with the Rules, Regulations and these By Laws.

(b)     Conduct them in a respectful and professional manner while representing the Alliance.

(c)        Pay all dues, and user fees levied under these By-Laws in a timely manner.

(d)       Directors must attend at least 6 scheduled meeting during a calendar year or as Section 4.3.



Alliance of Community Associations ("AOCA")




________________________________________________________________________________________Community Association Member

 NAME AND ADDRESS: __________________________________________




 Phone No.  __________________________________

FAX  No.     __________________________________

E- MAIL     _________________________

Website   ____________________________________

Association Membership $350.00

         Associate Membership Fee $5.00


I/We hereby apply to be admitted as an  (  )Association Member, (  ) Associate Member of the AOCA upon and subject to the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws of the Alliance.

If admitted to Membership, I further understand, my membership in the Alliance is for the common good and the success of the Alliance of Community Associations.


Sponsored by: ______________________________________

DATED THIS    __________________     DAY        __________________    200____

SIGNED:             __________________________________________

 POSITION:        __________________________________________

Please mail this form and your check to:   Alliance of Community Association

                                                                      P.O. Box 1147

                                                                     Milford, Pa 18337